1. Farm & Home Delivery:

Ordering Requirements- Minimum of 10 bags

Fee- $25 delivery charge

Contact- Call (410) 795-1234 or text (240) 674-1128

Additional Information- Regular orders must be placed by noon the day before the delivery day. A staff member will contact you with the day our truck is in your area.


2. Fencing:

Ordering Requirements- There are no minimum requirements.

Fee- Delivery charges begin at $50. This may vary depending on distance.

 Contact- Call (410) 795-1234

 Additional Information- A staff member will work with you to schedule a delivery date.

3. Heating Pellets:

Ordering Requirements-The below fees are associated with a ton or more; however, no minimum order is required.

Fee- $50 delivery charge for the 1st ton, $20 for each additional ton

Contact- Call (410) 795-1234

Additional Information- A staff member will contact you with an available delivery time. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks before delivery (especially early in the season).

4. Bulk Mulch:

Ordering Requirements- Minimum of 1 yard

Fee- Flat $25 delivery charge

Contact-Call (410) 795-1234

Additional Information- We ask that you mark a spot on the driveway, or wherever you would like it dumped. Commonly used items are lawn chairs, tarps, or garbage cans.

  • NOTE: Farm & Home Service reserves the right to fluctuate any delivery charge based upon weight, distance, service type, delivery vehicle or method of loading/unloading.

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